The discoveries of Polish geologist Witold Zglenicki made a significant contribution to the development of the oil and gas sector of Azerbaijan, Advisor to the Polish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Michal Greczylo said during an event dedicated to the life and work of the Polish geologist and inventor, Report informs.

According to Greczylo, Witold Zglenicki is little known in Azerbaijan, and for this reason, the Polish Embassy in Baku organized the translation of a book dedicated to his life and work: “This book was written several years ago in Poland by Professor Andrzej Chodubski.”

“We wanted Azerbaijani-speaking and English-speaking readers to become more familiar with the activities of Witold Zglenicki, so the embassy decided to get the book published in two languages. An event to promote the Azerbaijani-language version of this book took place in February this year and was organized in collaboration with the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan,” Michal Greczylo said.