The Khojaly genocide is one of the most terrible and tragic pages of Azerbaijan’s history, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain Shahin Abdullayev said in his article published by The Daily Tribune, Report informs.

“Azerbaijan has endured ethnic cleansing and genocide by Armenian nationalist-chauvinists for 200 years. The people of Azerbaijan were deported from their historical lands and became refugees and internally displaced persons because of the Armenian occupation. By occupying Khojaly, Armenia was also aiming to invade other districts of the Karabakh region, take strategic heights and get favorable opportunities,” the ambassador said.

According to Abdullayev, the events that took place in Khojaly were a real slaughter and massacre:

“First, Khojaly was totally a civilian settlement where there was no military equipment. That’s why it was not necessary to attack and enter the city with heavy artillery because the place was a settlement where no arms existed. The attack on the civilians in Khojaly was not fair. Second, the attack on Khojaly civilians coincides with the beginning of Armenia’s territorial claims and an aggressive policy against Azerbaijan. International conventions and laws in the world condemn genocides such as the Khojaly tragedy and declare that such a crime is unacceptable.”