“We look forward to holding early parliamentary elections,” Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary of the New Azerbaijan Party Ali Ahmadov told journalists.

According to him, the ruling party will take an active part in the parliamentary elections, and will nominate candidates: “The chairman of the New Azerbaijan party Ilham Aliyev has a high rating, which gives us hope that the candidates from the NAP will win the hearts and votes of the majority of Azerbaijani people in the upcoming parliamentary elections. In this way, NAP will be able to maintain a majority in the parliament of Azerbaijan. “

Ali Ahmadov believes that Azerbaijani citizens praise NAP’s initiative to dissolve the parliament ahead of the termt: “We are witnessing how another branch of government, the parliament, is joining the strategy of large-scale reforms carried out by President Ilham Aliyev. The involvement of parliament in the field of reforms will accelerate and intensify reforms. “