The AFFA Disciplinary Committee disqualified Sabah’s Tamkin Khalilzade for five matches.

Report informs that the 26-year-old foul player attempted to use physical pressure on referee Kamal Umudlu at the end of the match against Keshla within the eighth round of the Premier League (1:1). The club was fined AZN 4,000.

Three out of five games were accepted conditionally and a 3-month probation period was appointed. If Khalilzade is fined again during the probation period, the second part of the sanctions will come into force.

Another player of the capital representative Filip Ivanovich received a second yellow card at the same game and was removed from the field. The club was fined AZN 200.

Notably, Tamkin Khalilzade received a red card after the match for disputes with the chief referee. Annoyed by this, the player tried to hit the referee. He was reassured by his teammates and the police.