An Innovation Zone program will be organized in Abu Dhabi, within which the introduction of climate technologies in the Global South before COP29 and other related issues will be discussed, Report informs.

Discussions will take place within the framework of the World Future Energy Summit, which will be held in the capital of the UAE from April 16-18.

The event, co-hosted by Masdar City, will feature a series of industry debates featuring innovators and experts showcasing critical climate solutions as the global community builds on the progress made at COP28.

The event program will include the following topics: scaling climate technology innovation in the Global South (April 16), UAE – a global hub for climate technology (April 17), and empowering small and medium-sized enterprises for a sustainable future (April 18).

Building on the outcome of COP28, Day 1 of the event will focus on advancing climate technology adoption in the Global South in time for COP-29.

Day 2 will showcase technologies and strategies developed in the UAE that are shaping the future of climate technology.