About Us

Azerbaycan 24 (Azerbaijan 24) is a 24/7 multilingual news service & channel based in Baku, Azerbaijan.

We provide global news coverage 24 hours daily in languages of Azerbaijani, English, Russian and Turkish (coming soon).

Azerbaycan 24 has developed its own network for collecting news and information, and is an all-media information gathering, processing and spreading platform, boasting a strong spreading power, a wide coverage, a comprehensive collecting means and varied forms of dissemination among the Azerbaijani network media.

Our goal and mission is to provide free and alternative access to impartial information, fighting media monopolization and adhering to honesty, neutrality, fairness, transparency and independence in collection and dissemination of information, free from encroaching corporate, ideological interests. It is a bumpy road with all sorties of difficulties.

Publisher’s Imprint:

Trade Name: Azerbaycan 24 (Azerbaijan 24)

Legal entity: Azerbaycan 24 Ltd

Periodicity: daily, round the clock, free of charge