Seven dry cargo ships carrying wheat and other food have left the Ukrainian ports, according to the Joint Coordination Center (JCC), Report informs referring to Interfax.

“On December 1, seven ships left Ukrainian ports, they are carrying a total of 266,747 tons of grain and other agricultural products as part of the Black Sea Grain Initiative,” the message says.

The Al Saad vessel (55,000 tons of wheat) is heading to Indonesia, the Golden Arsenal vessel (27,000 tons of wheat) to Algeria, and the Peace M vessel (25,000 tons of corn) to Egypt. Dry cargo ship Trinity (53,820 tons of corn) went to Israel, dry cargo ship Star Atlas (35,719 tons of sunflower meal and 31,608 tons of corn) to China.

In addition, the ship Nordic Skagen will deliver 32,300 tons of corn to Spain, the dry cargo ship Oris Princess will transport 6,300 tons of wheat to Greece.

Three vessels are also heading to Ukrainian ports, which passed through the maritime humanitarian corridor on December 1.

The JCC noted that 74 dry cargo ships are awaiting permission to enter the ports of Ukraine, and 21 loaded ships are being prepared for inspection in Turkish territorial waters in order to go further to their destinations.