Audacious bank robbers stole 160,000 euros from a bank in Milan after digging through the wall of an adjacent pizzeria, Report informs referring to Daily Mail.

A gang of four broke into the BPM in Piazza Salgari around 9:30am having burrowed through the wall of a permanently closed Domino’s next door.

The group – being referred to as the ‘hole gang’ by Italian media – claimed to have weapons and took seven hostages before looting the safe.

As much as 160,000 euros was taken from the bank before the crooks made a daring escape, vanishing undisturbed before police arrived around 10am.

Four men are understood to still be at large as detectives scour the scene for clues.

Victims told police the men had entered the bank and tied their hands and feet with cable ties.

Two employees were then released for long enough to carry over the cash in boxes.

They said one of the men had a Campania accent and the three others sounded Sicilian.

The men told the hostages they were armed, but ‘it seems that no one saw guns or knives’, Italian outlet Fanpage reported.