The national resource potential of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will accelerate the development of innovative industries, Vice Minister of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan Kairat Torebayev said on the sidelines of the SCO Economic Forum to be held on August 16-17 in Tashkent, Report informs referring to the Uzbek media.

He said that in a deeply integrated world, the desire of the SCO states to promote interaction in the industrial sector, as well as cooperation in the context of the internationalization of business processes, will allow all members of the organization to form a national resource potential for the subsequent accelerated development of innovations and high-tech industries.

“Today, the SCO, including observers and dialogue partners, is more than 3 billion people. We need to use this potential,” Torebayev noted.

In addition, the representative of Kazakhstan said that the new time dictates new formats of industrial and commercial activities.

In addition to industry, it is necessary to work on new projects, jointly build a new architecture of the Eurasian transport corridors with a convenient, flexible tariff policy, which can become the key to the development of modern trade and strengthening chains among the SCO countries, the vice minister added.