In March 2019, 87 Azerbaijani citizens bought properties in Turkey, up 42.62% or 26 apartments from the previous year.

Report informs citing Turkey’s Statistical Committee that 287 Azerbaijani citizens bought houses in Turkey in January-March, up 98 houses or 51.85% in comparison to a year earlier.

In general, the foreign citizens bought 3,160 apartments in Turkey in March 2019, up 1,311 houses or 70.9% by contrast to March 2018.

In January-March 2019, 9,717 apartments were sold to foreign citizens, which is an increase of 4,350 houses or 81.05% than in 2018.

Iraq heads the list of the countries which bought most houses in Turkey. Iraqi citizens accounts for 548 houses bought in March, 1,781 houses in January-March. The next place is held by Iran with 334 houses in March, 946 houses in January-March.

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Saudi Arabia is the third country with 189 houses in March, 440 in January-March.