26 years passed from occupation of Fuzuli and Jabrayil regions.

Report informs that on 23 August 1993, 51 villages and center of Fuzuli district were seized by Armenians, more than 55,000 inhabitants left their native land. Fuzuli district covers territory from the southeastern slopes of Karabakh Mountain range to Araz River. It borders with Azerbaijanїs districts of Jabrayil, Agjabadi, Beylagan and Iran along Araz River. Only one village – Jojuq Marjanli is currently under the control of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan.

The occupation of the Fuzuli region has caused damage to the economy of Azerbaijan over 5.5 billion manats, and the occupation of Jabrayil region – more than 3 billion manats. As a result of the occupation, properties and private properties of citizens, historical monuments of Azerbaijan were destroyed. Azykh Cave and 25 historic sites are under occupation in Fuzuli. Armenians destroyed and Azykh and Taglar Caves to the world, listed as cultural monument of antiquity in UNESCO.Natural monuments-centenarians – eastern plane trees completely destroyed in Fuzuli region, 500 hectares of forest Argunesh burned. Fuzuli is agricultural district, so damage estimated in billions of manats.

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In Jabrayil district the greatest damage has been done to viticulture, animal husbandry, sericulture, animal husbandry.

As a result the seizure of Jabrayil district, of which territory is 1,050 sq.km, 72 secondary school buildings, eight hospitals, five mosques, two museums, 129 historical monuments, 149 cultural centers left in the occupation.

Armenians also destroyed important historical monuments, subsoil assets, rich water sources in Jabrayil region, forests burned, Han-Chinar – the symbol of this region was cut.

In both areas, thousands of martyrs were killed in heavy fighting, there are 8 national heroes in Fuzuli, and 6 – in Jabrayil region.

Currently, IDPs from Fuzuli and Jabrayil districts are housed in more than 50 cities and districts throughout Azerbaijan. They are under the state care. 22 residential points of Fuzuli region under the control of the Azerbaijani armed forces, where more than 55 thousand people live.

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Fuzuli has more than 1,100 martyrs, and 1,450 residents of the district were disabled in the war.