The work continues in the liberated Azerbaijani territories to create the necessary infrastructure for border defense and security, the State Border Service told Report.

As part of the work carried out, a special place is given to measures for the detection and disposal of mines and unexploded ordnance by engineer and sapper units in order to ensure the safe movement of personnel and military vehicles in the border areas.

As a result of search activities carried out by frontier sappers on an area of 211 hectares along the Azerbaijani-Armenian border and on an area of 77 hectares along the Azerbaijani-Iranian border section liberated from the occupation, a total of 1,370 antipersonnel mines, 1,438 anti-tank mines, and 218 pieces of unexploded ordnance were found, along with 50 units of weapons and equipment, 9,560 units of ammunition of various calibers and explosives.

Measures continue in the liberated territories to detect and neutralize mines and unexploded ordnance.