A 15-year-old rally driver and his co-driver were killed Sunday when their car left the road and plunged into a river at a rally sprint event at Paparoa in the north of New Zealand, Report informs, citing Newsday.

Police named the victims as Brooklyn Horan, 15, who was driving, and his co-driver, Tyson Jemmett, 35.

A police crash investigator said the car had slid off a gravel road into a river swollen by rain.

While New Zealanders cannot obtain a driver’s license until they are 16, younger drivers are able to compete in motorsport events on closed roads under certain conditions.

The governing body, MotorSport New Zealand, said it “offers junior competition licenses for competitors aged 12 to 15.

“There are heightened requirements that these junior drivers must meet in order to gain their competition license, as well as restrictions placed on the types of events and vehicles they are permitted to compete in.”